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Do terms like “disaster recovery” and “business continuity” normally make you think of rebuilding a business and its most vital records after a flood, fire or blackout? In the digital age, the disasters that strike businesses are often far less visible. The Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center in Los Angeles said in February it had been […]

Recall Cloud

The Growing Requirements for Data Protection

Tuesday, March 29 th, 2016Comments: Comments Off

Cloud has been a game-changer, in terms of how enterprises are able to store, backup and retrieve critical data. The trend of moving disaster recovery away from tape to the cloud has been swift. However, tapes are still used to store data that must be kept for compliance purposes, which require the use of outdated […]


Information Governance: Three Tips for Success

Thursday, March 24 th, 2016Comments: Comments Off

Despite the pervasiveness of information governance (IG), most organizations have not been successful in implementing an IG strategy. Some of the challenges include a lack of clear organizational goals, attempting to do too much too soon, or failing to gain organizational or business unit support. However, IG is vital to an organization’s long-term success, and […]