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Efficient Information Management for HR Compliance

Wednesday, January 27 th, 2016Comments: Comments Off

Within many companies, the Human Resources department is, for lack of a better term, resource-rich in information. Ranging from corporate to employee data, HR departments are responsible for highly sensitive information. One of the more challenging aspects for HR is being able to match global regulations with local ones. In particular, an organization that operates globally needs to be vigilant about adhering to all international regulations.

Europe, for example, has varying regulations about which types of information can be shared outside of each country. And with the recent EU decision to strike down the Safe Harbor pact, this has become even more difficult for global companies. Focusing on efficient information management practices can help ensure regulatory adherence.

  • Deal with personnel files – Determine if you need a special agreement or certificate to store or share employee data outside the country. Finding a global information management partner can help make acquiring this certificate easier and can help in getting consistent updates when regulatory changes occur.
  • Transition to digital – Digital files make it easier to share employee information and reduce risk in unauthorized individuals viewing the information. A digital platform ensure that only designated users can access information or password-protect employee records.
  • Work with IT – HR and IT should work closely together to make sure that all local, regional and international regulations are addressed. Additionally, HR needs to keep IT informed when regulations change to update files and ensure that employee information is either kept or destroyed at the appropriate times.

By working with an information management partner, companies can benefit from an HR management solution that provides both regulatory insights and automated retention schedules.

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