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Rapid, Accurate Auditing Through RFID Technology

Sunday, September 23 rd, 2012Comments: 0

RFIDHere on the show floor at ARMA 2012, attendees are well aware of the significant increases in industry and government regulations each year. Now, records managers must be able to demonstrate that their company’s files (whether in physical or digital forms) are being securely managed at any point in time. This scrutiny makes it vital for companies to stay on top of their compliance and records management programs in the most accurate, rapid and cost-effective manner.


Previously, records and IT managers have relied on historical and sample data from a traditional inventory report, which only captured the last recorded disposition of a file, carton or tape. The validation of this information could only be conducted via manual audits against the data on the full inventory listing — an expensive and resource consuming endeavor. In other words, a company could not feasibly audit 100 percent of its inventory at any time. This made it nearly impossible to validate the accuracy of its inventory disposition.


In 2007, Recall began utilizing radio frequency identification (RFID) technology in the records management industry. RFID provides the highest audit accuracy, compliance and security of holdings in a fraction of the time that less-accurate audit practices can offer. With RFID, more than 300 cartons can be can scanned and audited in less than 30 seconds.  Using the old, error-prone, manual techniques, this took well over 30 minutes to scan the same number of cartons.


Now, a full annual audit is a reality, and compliance is much easier. RFID technology helps maintain compliance with strict regulations, including regional Privacy Acts and Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), by providing audit reports that confirm and validate the location of critical files.


If you’re attending this year’s ARMA show, I invite you to stop by Booth 313. We’re providing attendees with personal RFID tags for a fun and informative demonstration of how the RFID technology can benefit your records management program.

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