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Recall Introduces RFID Wearable Program

Thursday, March 03 rd, 2016Comments: Comments Off

This week, Recall further solidified its title as the leader in information management RFID innovation with the announcement of its wearable RFID program. This solution—typically an armband—is worn by Recall team members inside our Information Centers and automatically, continuously audits tagged assets. This provides the most up-to-date status of asset location. Whether a customer is calling Recall to request documents or if they are conducting an online location audit via Recall Portal, their assets will be found quickly and easily.

In the consumer sector, radio frequency identification (RFID) has been used to track inventory for quite some time, and is even being used by consumers to find locate items at home. More than ten years ago, Recall envisioned the revolutionary impact this technology could have on the information management industry, and has consistently integrated the technology into our offerings to ensure greater information governance standards for our customer base.

In an Information Center with millions of individual files inside hundreds of thousands of cartons, finding a client’s records quickly and accurately is no easy task. With RFID tags on cartons and individual files, documents can be found up to 60 times faster than manual processes and with 99 percent accuracy. Since launching our pilot RFID program with U.S. customers in 2005, more than 50 million assets stored in Recall facilities are embedded with RFID tags.

We are excited introduce this program, which continues our tradition of offering industry-first RFID solutions to our customers:

• 2005: Recall launches successful RFID pilot program in U.S.
• 2007: Recall offers RFID on document storage cartons globally
• 2011: Recall offers RFID on individual files and back-up tapes globally
• 2013: Recall offers patented printable RFID tags for in-house tracking
• 2014: Recall offers online, on-demand RFID reports via Recall Portal
• 2016: Recall expands RFID innovation with wearable RFID technology

Learn more about Recall’s RFID offerings and see Recall’s Timeline of RFID Innovation infographic.

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