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Recall is bringing Wearables to Information Management Industry

Monday, February 29 th, 2016Comments: Comments Off

Continuing the company’s industry leadership when it comes to RFID technology innovation, today announced a new first for the information management industry: Recall has introduced wearable RFID scanners at an Information Center in Atlanta, Georgia.

The scanners are being worn by Information Center personnel and are providing enhanced efficiency for auditing and chain of custody processes. They enable continuous audits of Recall customer assets during the course of daily operations. As employees move through the facility, the scanner automatically audits tagged assets. Recent technical trials indicate this new scanning method has improved the overall process, as assets are regularly audited, complementing and reducing the time required for full site audits from up to four weeks to a few days.

This program is expected to roll out to more centers around the world this year. We’ll be sure to keep readers posted on developments on this new application of RFID technology.

With this introduction of wearable RFID scanners, we are building on more than ten years of research and development in the security and tracking technology as it relates to its document storage cartons, individual files and back up tapes stored at Recall Information Centers, for the benefit of its global customer base. We’ll take a closer look at our leadership in the RFID space in the next blog.

For more information on Recall’s RFID program, visit, and see the Recall Timeline of RFID Innovation.

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