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Resolve to Up Your IG Game in 2016

Monday, January 11 th, 2016Comments: Comments Off

Reflecting on events and trends from 2015 is a good way to determine where to focus in the New Year.

What has become more apparent over the past decade, not just in 2015, is that data and information are increasing exponentially. And for many companies, managing the influx continues to be a struggle. Time and again we see companies fall victim to compliance violations, data loss or security breaches because they neglected to properly govern information.

My advice for companies in 2016: Resolve to up your information governance game. As evidenced in 2015, it’s not a game of “if” but “when” for data breaches. Having a strong information governance (IG) strategy in place can ensure companies are better positioned to mitigate risk. Here are four tips for planning and executing a successful information governance program:

  • Bring Policymakers Together: When it comes to information governance, there needs to be a collaborative effort between records managers, legal and IT departments. These policy makers all have a stake in the IG process because each group approaches information and data management differently. Because of the varied backgrounds of each role, these policy makers are best equipped to help govern data when sharing perspectives and requirements.
  • Set Retention Schedules: For as much content is created, a good percent is abandoned when no longer needed by the business user. By setting retention schedules, all data can be categorized and either be deleted when it reaches the end of its lifecycle, or become a record if it is business-critical. This helps keep space free so IT does not need to buy more storage and reduces the risk of becoming non-compliant for keeping data longer than necessary.
  • Keep Security in Mind: While compliance is critical, it’s important to remember compliance does not equal security. A compliance program ensures that a company satisfies externally-imposed regulations, but may not contribute to anything related to security. Security is a set of processes in place to protect information from threats by controlling how information is used, consumed and provided. A company must focus on both, or risk costly consequences.
  • Automate for Improved Governance: Both digital and paper records are governed by the same laws and regulations, but can be difficult to manage across formats. Having a way to simultaneously organize all record types is critical for staying compliant and effectively managing information. Implement a single platform that can automatically apply classifications and set compliance rules and retention schedules to better adhere to policies.

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