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Three Information Security Predictions for 2016

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As discussed in our last post, 2016 is expected to shine a brighter light on information governance and further accelerate the expectations that companies have a governance strategy in place. New technologies will take center stage in the IG environment and with that, comes an even greater focus on security. While most companies recognize the importance of maintaining compliance for information governance, there is a notable difference between compliance and information security.

Unlike compliance, which ensures a company satisfies externally-imposed regulations, security is a set of processes that are meant to protect information from threats by controlling how information is used, consumed and provided. Think of it this way: Compliance is making sure the vault is closed while security is putting a lock on the door and a guard outside. The overarching trend for security has many companies looking at “when” not “if” they will be breached.

Learning from 2015, here are the top three information security predictions for 2016:

  • Cyber-attacks will be more complex and sophisticated.

With the sheer abundance of digital data, the risk of cyber-attack is higher than ever before. It will become more difficult to manage the technical and operational challenges of securing sensitive data in a world of very sophisticated, knowledgeable and motivated adversaries. Cyber-attacks have already become commonplace and almost always catch a business off-guard. Businesses need to have the right security in place to counter complex and sophisticated attacks.

  • There will be increased pressure to protect privacy data.

Worldwide, we expect to see organizations pay greater attention to regulations to better protect privacy data. The proliferation of digital data has forced legal departments to focus more on the security risks associated with the management of digital data. For example, the EU’s repeal of the Safe Harbor pact is just the first in an anticipated wave of scrutiny over how private data is shared.

  • Compliance requirements will evolve.

Ever-changing compliance requirements have always been a challenge. Now, maintaining compliance with national laws, regulations and individual businesses’ requirements will be more complex. Often, these requirements are inconsistent or incompatible and will require strong information management partners who know how to focus both on compliance and security.

As information continues to evolve, we need to be vigilant in making information security a top priority. Staying compliant is only half the battle – if information is not secure, it is nearly impossible to ensure compliance. New technology will be a double-edge sword in 2016, bringing both exciting new opportunities for improvement and presenting businesses with new security challenges.

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